Do you know of anyone on your street that has the inability to deliver reasonable thoughts? I have met a lot.

Many times I want to help, but I am not just sure of what can happen. What if they tear off my shirt, beat me up or completely ignore me. I have every excuse to consider their insanity as a problem to their family and the society.

A few weeks ago, I saw another insane man on my street, then a thought came to my heart in form of a question:

“What is the value of a mad (insane) person in our community?”

Value of a mad person? Oops! That question gave me a shock and it forced my mind to think positively in a preconceived negative situation.

Below, I came up with 10 importance of an insane person that sane people can learn from. Let’s walk through it.


  1. They help you to feel human (when you see them, there is a prick of your sympathy)
  2. They offer you an opportunity to do something about this challenge that makes a huge difference or impact.

Practical Action: Anytime you can’t find things to be grateful for, visit an orphanage, reach out to the slums and make an impact in the life of a less-privilege. Use google search to find these places around you.


  1. They provide jobs for people with specialized skills (doctors, nurses, Non-governmental organizations, government agencies and so on.)
  2. They provide jobs for people without specialized skills (volunteers, missionaries and so on.)

Practical Action: Search on linkedin, Idealist and many other related sites about exciting careers in development and care giving. You can learn or gift your skills to help people that need it everywhere in the world.

Capacity Building

  1. They push people to become real problem solvers.
  2. They push people to research, try out and validate solutions they’d never thought about.

Practical Action: Go out there and Get educated on health-related issues. In case of emergencies, you will be armed with the first-aid tips to rescue the situation before heading to the hospital.

Beautiful Reflection

  1. They help people to appreciate small things and pay attention to details
  2. They help people to slow down, take some rest and say a good prayer.

Practical Action: When you find yourself getting worried about life and tired of a difficult situation, think about that insane person that doesn’t bother about where the next meal will come from, yet survive and live for many years.

Heartfelt Kindness

  1. They listen more than most of us (They think a lot, even if you think it isn’t useful)
  2. They don’t bother about what doesn’t matter (why some of them don’t bother about their shelter or clothing is strange to me)

Practical Action: Don’t always do all the talking, listen to others. Have a quiet time with yourself to hear the goodness in you and the progress you are making, no matter how little.

Remember, #YouAreLimitless!

A quick question for you…

Is there any other value of an insane person that you can think of? Write it in the comment box and I will include it in my journal.

PS: This post is culled out from my book “Why Pray When You Can Easily Worry”: Download it HERE