I have met many people like me who have the habit of waiting to have it all before they start any project. I like to make all my plans perfect. I tweak the sides, detail the budget, dot all the “i” and cross all the “t”. Everything must be fantastic before I launch.

At the beginning of 2016, I found out something very shocking about my get-it-all-perfect before launching. I realized that I have been waiting aimlessly (actually, I have been afraid) to get all the tools to kick start some of my year long projects.

So, I decided I will learn the habit of using the ‘little’ I have to put life into my dreams. I decided that my awesome dreams can’t wait, I have to begin instantly.

In this post, I will share 2 practical things I have been doing in the past 8 months with you, that you may consider as little, but has brought tremendous results such as new paying clients, new friends in 10 countries and access to speaking opportunities.


I started welcoming every new friend request I accept on facebook with a simple, customized and personalized message.

Based on my weekly schedule, every Sunday, I welcome up to 30 new people on my facebook or other days on special cases.

For one particular person that I welcomed, she said nobody has ever sent her a welcome message on facebook. She was blown away to see the message I sent across to her when I accepted her friend request. I felt so thrilled to continue this ‘little’ thing.

I realized that it takes me just 1 minute to send that message, it cost less than 10 kilobytes of data, yet it is a life investment of building wholesome relationship.

Here is a simple template of one of the messages I send;

Hello Isaac, thank you for sending me a friend request. We have 320 mutual friends, Awesome! Hope you’re having a great Sunday? I will like to know more about you and your work. Hearty Cheers, Fash.

I also created a simple, funny and catchy introduction of myself (7 short sentences) when they ask me to tell them about myself too.

I am stunned how these new friends pour almost all their life to a stranger like me. It is amazing! We all need love, care, and acceptance.


I celebrated people’s birthday with just 200 Naira (that is like half of a US dollar).

I had always thought that, without a large sum of money, you can’t have real fun and celebrate people on their special day.

I was swept off my feet when I understood that ‘little is much’. I experimented this in 3 places and in 3 states in Nigeria and it worked like magic.

I wrote a detailed blog post about this on a featured article on Prikkle Academy Website. You can click to HERE to read it.

I shared the practical process of applying it and you are free to tweak it to suit your situation. I have used the same idea in one of my speaking engagement to demonstrate the power of synergy, collaboration, and creativity.

What you can achieve with the ‘little’ in your hand is just too much, yet we wait to have it all before we launch our awesome dreams. Enough of those limiting excuses!

Here is a barrier-breaking question for you:

What have you been wanting to start, but your waiting for that ‘big’ thing – money, connection, enough time, team members, big motivation, etc — is stopping you from starting?

I will be here to help you overcome this challenge and you can begin your awesome dreams right away.