I’m not sure that anyone has a calling. I think, instead, our culture creates situations where passionate people find a place where they can make an impact. – Seth Godin

At least, I struggle with 11 things everyday that I usually don’t talk about. It isn’t because they are secrets, but I know there are many people like me that also struggle with these things too. So, why should I bother looking for a solution?

For many years, I was involved in many things such as music, writing, speaking and teaching. But, there is a popular saying about the importance of finding your call. So, while I was doing all these, I still felt that I had to finding my calling.

The folks I listened to made it feel like there is 1 particular thing that every man is supposed to do and nothing else! They called it A CALL.

Years later, I stopped killing myself on finding my call but started calling my finding. Eventually, it was my call after all.

Maybe, you’re still in search of your call or you’ve been involved in several things – volunteering, helping out, from one career to the other, from one place to another — but deep down you don’t feel fulfilled, you will learn how to call what you’ve found and follow it in a more meaningful way

And now, you’ll begin to see the satisfaction that you truly desire. In this article, I will share with you how to do the work that matter while you follow what you have in your hand now. I’ll call it the fun way.

Practical Action 1: List Out What Makes You Happy

If you can’t find what makes you happy right now, that’s fine. There’s a tool I use to find all the things that makes me happy. You can use it too.

Here is it; Have a notepad and pen handy throughout the day or use the note app on your phone. Anytime during the day that you feel you’re happy, write down what you’re engaged in at that time. Write down who was involved, what was there, how it happened and when you felt the happiness!

Don’t worry if the list is trivial, that’s fine. You are on your way to something awesome. Another way is to just ask your friends to describe to you when they have seen you happy. When you find what makes you happy and makes your self-esteem improve, follow it as often as you breathe.

Practical Action 2: Paint Your Wall About What You Do

Sometimes, you know that you are a writer, a painter, a music enthusiast, crazy about dance, die-hard teacher, yet you add ASPIRING at the front of all these interests. I know that you don’t want to sound like you’re professional that you are not.

Actually, it is only a feeling of incompetence! You don’t have to win several awards to call yourself a photographer.

So, get your legs off the ground, take out a few sticky notes and begin to write that thing that you are, write it out the beautiful feeling that comes with it when you do it.

For example: See, I am a writer! The next thing to write will keep falling on me from my muse. It’s like magnet feasting on iron filling. I write, people read it and their hurts are healed. My writings trigger limitless inspiration for action in my readers. Etc.

The more you paint what you say, think, feel and do with the emotions of that thing that that you’ve found, the more all the resources to call your finding will show up.

Practical Action 3: Think Of What You Do Like A Party

Whatever you’re doing right now, no matter how boring or ‘unfulfilling’ it has been, find other people that are in it. For instance, you know you’re a writer, then go out and attend writers’ party. Don’t go there to feed your intimidation but to nurture your development.

If you are into politics, but feel the system is too corrupt and it makes you sick, then, do your due diligence to find at least 1 sincere politician (within or beyond your area), connect with them and nurture your desires.

When you go to other people’s party and really display your enthusiasm in what you’re doing presently, it will open several channels for you to your desired calling.

To conclude…

Don’t take yourself too seriously by looking for a name to call what you do! Just have fun doing what you do right now.

Write with some careless abandon. Sing like it’s only your voice that will create peace in the world. Paint like your only client is the President of America. Sell like there’s nobody that can refuse your offer. Have fun calling your finding. Eventually, your seemingly lost call will embrace you.

One Question for you.

I’d like to know your identified calling that seems difficult for you to follow. What’s slowing down your effort? Why do you feel unfilled in what you’re currently doing?

Go to the comment box, I’d like to hear you.

After all, #YouAreLimitless