5 Google Search Strategies To Find Hidden Jobs, Customers And Scholarship –Part 2

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I have clarified some important things to master, now let’s move into the real work. Get your pen and paper, grab your digital devices that are connected to the internet and let’s get our hands dirty.


You found yourself on this page because you were looking for particular information. Right?

I feel that right now, you know exactly what you are looking for, but the struggle is how you can get the information to move you to the next stage – an answer. One of the best things to do is to simply ASK.

Before I get you into the awesome online tools to search for the things you are looking for, I will give you 6 out of 20 places where your potential information (be it research items, solution to a stubborn challenge, funding opportunities, job or new customers) are hiding in plain sight.

  1. Your family and current friends (offline)

Whenever I am going to a new city, my family is the first people I contact to connect with a friend they have there. When I am embarking on a new adventure, my family is the first place I go to. When I am launching a new product, my inner circle of friends is the first people I ask for feedback and insight. Before you google it, ask these people first! You’ll be amazed the wealth of knowledge and connection they have.

  1. Your past friends (offline)

I have many friends that I haven’t been in contact with them for a while, but we maintained a good relationship when we were together (for example; friends during college, friends in a former church, friends at a former street/city/country and so on). Make a quick scroll through your diaries and it’s possible to find somebody on that list that will have an answer to your search.

  1. Your contact list (mobile phone)

The last time I checked, I had 1500+ phone numbers on all my SIM cards. My friend, that’s a huge wealth. Don’t always google that stuff, talk to these human beings. Many people are willing to help us, if we ask.

  1. Your online friends (facebook, twitter etc)

As at 2015, I have at least 6000 direct connections with individuals from my social media platforms. I can easily type out a question and any of them can share a resource with me to get me through my struggle. They know me and they care to be a solution to my problem. Don’t ignore this resource. Leverage on it

  1. Your online groups

I am in 10+ groups on facebook and another 10+ on LinkedIn. The total number of people from just 5 of these groups is 200,000+ What? You mean I have access to this number of real human beings? Yes.

In these groups, I can learn, share and ask questions ranging from business skills, money matters, social media, coaching, leadership, community development, writing, relationship, professional development and so on.

Here are some that I belong that have amazing people around the world; click on each of them to request to join

On facebook: The Exceptional Leadership Academy, Smart Business Camp, Happy People, Happy Profit, Young And Limitless Entrepreneurs (YALE), The Highly Paid Expert Network, The Secret Team and a lot more

Tell me in the comment box if you’ll like to know some of the groups I belong On linkedin

Many people aren’t aware of the huge potential of these groups. Actually, these groups are the powerhouse of making connections that matter, of getting practical and real-time answers to questions, finding limitless tools for your work and so on.

  1. Workshops and seminars you attend

Here is a RULE that you should ignore at your own risk: Don’t leave a seminar without making a new friend. Networking is a major growth strategy that must be infused into your work and life. All the questions and resources you won’t find on google are in the hands of these people you meet every day. Wait, have you forgotten that it is these people that put things on google? That mean, they will have much more that isn’t on google yet!

In case you don’t know how to find events/conferences/seminars to attend, use the following website and tools to find one close to you Eventbrite, Meet Up and many more.

Practical Action: Take out your pen and paper now and write down a list of names of people that you know that can be a solution to what you’re looking for.

Do you have things you have been searching for through google but haven’t gotten a good search result? Type it in the comment box below and I can share with you more places you should check.

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