Have you ever wondered if there was a special way of using Google, facebook, twitter, Linkedin’s search function? Actually, there is!

It is that special way that I daily use that sent into my laps International Scholarships to Conferences and training. Yes, I got my first job as a fresh graduate through this same method.

To cap it, I seamlessly connect with new clients across borders to earn by writing mouth-watering proposals.

And how do you think I get people from 6 continents of the world to visit this website every month? It’s that special way of using the google search box.

What Will You Get?

By using the tools I will share below, you will be able to;

-Connect with the actual person that gives out the jobs in an organization.

-For your business, you’ll be able to clearly see where your customers are hiding (and connect with them).

-For scholarships and topical opportunities, you’ll get the links of where to find it at any time.

You’ll need a pen and paper to be able to translate the ideas I will share here into practical solutions. If you don’t do the exercises, you won’t reap the benefits.

Let’s dive in and scoop the insights; are you ready? Let’s shoot!


What are you looking for?

If you know you are looking for a job but don’t know the type of job, the type of organization, the location of the job and the salary scale of the job, it will be hard to get that job.

You aren’t sure of what you are looking for. In your head, you may know it but on paper, you stagger.

If you want a scholarship but don’t know the following:

-The type (fully-funded, partially funded, academic, conference, travel, tourist etc)

– when you want it,

– what it will require from you and etc, you might be confused about how to search for it.

This first part will help you to clearly state exactly what you are looking for. The more specific you are, the better.

Google has billion truckloads of information that you will never be able to exhaust for the next 100 years. The most important thing to do is to know exactly what you are looking for.

For example, when I graduated from university, I didn’t want a job at that time. I wanted to rather volunteer my time (6 months maximum) in a reputable social-sector organization in South-West Nigeria.

This is to polish certain of my skills like public speaking, writing, social media, community engagement, project management and many more.

This clarity helped my search adventure.

Pause And Read Again:

Go over my last paragraph above, you will notice that there is some specificity. I wanted the following;

  1. a VOLUNTEERING role (What?)
  2. for 6 MONTHS (When? for what duration?)
  4. in SOUTH-WEST NIGERIA (Which location?)

Practical Action: Take out your pen and paper now and write down all the things you’re looking for. Write as many sentences as possible. You will be able to exercise with more examples that you have.

Do you have things you have been searching for through google but haven’t gotten a good search result? Type it in the comment box below and I will help you to refine how specific you are can be.

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