You can become the next celebrated writer and finally get off the line of people called aspiring writers.

If you have ever experienced any of the three concerns below, you may be an aspiring writer.

  • If you struggle to write (writer’s block)

I know this! I have been writing for more than 7 years, sometimes the words disappear.

Oh yea, for days, I couldn’t I maintained a blank page – it felt like the words to write left the planet.

Have you ever experienced this? You can easily pass as an aspiring writer

  • If you find it tough to connect to your audience

For 4 months, I wrote almost every day and posted it on my social media platforms. It all hit the wall and rock bottom – only a handful of it got likes and comments.

It was just so tough to find people that loved what I wrote and that engaged with it. If you have ever found yourself in this situation, you are an aspiring writer.

  • If you get frustrated or stuck on what niche to focus on

Sometimes, I would want to write about why we need a better educational system. Some other times, I basically want to write stories or about business.

I found it tough to write in just one category. You are not alone, dear aspiring writer. Over the years, I pulled out a seamless path to get you out of these three problems.

How To Find Your Muse as an Aspiring Writer

  • Commit to the art (write whatever)

When I sat down over lunch one day, it dawned on me that I can easily crush all these barriers.

I took out my notepad and pen and began to write.

Guess what I was writing? Just a list of different sentences that had no head or tail.

Interestingly, it was all I needed to get the head start I needed.

  • Read Other Writers

I tried one more thing: I listed out the names of some phenomenal writers, such as Jeff Goins, Emeka Nobis, Seth Godin, etc. and I read their books, newsletter and blog.

The more I sipped the gems off their flowing cup of writing, the easier it was for my creative juice to flow.

Let me ask you, what have you been reading? Take a word, a sentence or a story from it, and starting weaving out your words around it.

  • Be broad to start with

I didn’t know that I was killing my writing flow, by wanting to be known for just one theme. As an aspiring writer, it is fine if you write about whatever comes to your mind.

For now, your main job is to write – simply, write.

Over time, you will begin to see a unique level of comfort and higher engagements with some of your writing.

Without being told, you will eventually find a niche of writing that will easily flow out of your fingers.

Now, let me show you how to fire up your game as an aspiring writer.

  • Master Social Media

There is a powerful resource today that aspiring writers many years ago didn’t have – it is called social media.

You can use social media (Quora, Linkedin, Facebook, Reddit, e.t.c) to step up your writing game. How?

Study the pattern and sentence flow of other writers. Leave a thoughtful comment on a post that got a load of engagement.

  • Build A Tribe

On your journey as an aspiring writer, one of the fastest route to get your grind to sparkle is to be in the tribe of other thriving writers.

To step up your speed and learn the ropes without fail, get into groups of writers. Subscribe to newsletters of accomplished writers, attend conferences and summits that has to do with writing.

  • Feed Your Tribe

On your journey – reading, joining writers’ groups and sharing your writing, something will certainly happen.

People will start listening to you (Okay, even if it is only your grandma and cousin). This is an amazing start. Start taking note of people that like, comment and share your writing posts.

Next step, feed them fat with the best of words. Keep producing, serving their hearts with fine writing.

I remember that a few years ago…

When I was in my first 8 am to 5 pm job, my total commute time was about 3 hours. I noticed that what most people do during this time is either to sleep or argue on a topical social issue.

Initially, I used the time to read up newspapers online, but one day, something hit me. I realized that most of the news contents were mostly sad news.

Phew, I stopped reading the news (I basically look at the headlines and get off).

Then, it dawned on me: ‘Fash, why not read other writers for 1 hour and invest 2 hours into writing? That was my ‘ah’ moment. I decided to buy books of core writers.

I started writing. I wrote about some of the arguments in the bus, the dozing professionals, the cars overtaking each other, etc.

In short, JUST START!

To learn more about how to just start, click HERE.