On a bright Friday in April 2016, after a sumptuous meal, I began to feel that an excited little bone had forced itself into a residing place within my teeth.

Hmmm… discomfort is not always fun even for the most proactive.

My tongue was up and running all day, trying its trick to get it out. No way! I tried the wonder of toothpick on it, the little bone refused to blink, talk less of move.

I served it with my finger nails, the little bone kept on adjusting and eventually balanced more deeply into my teeth. Oh Gosh.

I pushed in some more water to flush it out, but all to no avail, the tiny bone was excited with the water, it kept on dancing in the hidden space between my teeth.

You can’t imagine that I had to say a little prayer, hoping that a miracle will get the little bone out – no way.

This reminds me of many years ago that I worried about the pimples on my face. I prayed about it too, I pressed it every night before the mirror, pushed the stuffs out, yet they were stubborn.

I tried different creams, oh boy, the more I applied, the stronger pimples I woke up with on my face every week.

There are countless lists of displeasure.

A discomfort in your teeth…

The excited pimples on my face…

Your ever dry scalp…

Your boring job…

Your tiny voice…

Your social media posts that never get a like or comment for 2 months…

Your plans of starting your enterprise, but fear won’t let you…

All these displeasures silently grab our attention, it stays consistently in our thoughts, we worry and our precious hours disappear like pouring money into fire.

Now, back to my story of the little stubborn bone in my teeth.

The next morning, something surprising happened.

I don’t know how that little bone got tired; I couldn’t find it in my teeth again.

Do you know that the same thing happened with my pimples as well?

For years now, me and my (exciting) pimples fly the skies and dive the oceans together. It got tired too.

I found a strategy of how to make my discomfort get tired of me.

Here is it: when I worried less on my discomfort and began to build and polish what really matter – the limitless me and my inner pluck.

With patience and smart commitment, my tired is tired of me.


Now, over to you:

Go to the comment box and tell me,

What is that ‘little bone’ that gets you distressed? What have you been doing about it that’s not working?


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