Last week, on a bus, some unknown old women tried their unsettled fingers on my phone and they succeeded.

It’s the second time in less than 6 months that my phones will be gone. In the past 8 years, it hasn’t been so. Now, my safe pockets must return quickly.

To retrieve my lines yesterday..I found myself watching a fully prepaid 30-minutes drama at Airtel office in Ilorin, Kwara State, Nigeria.

You should know…

Take an extra leg with you, if you are visiting a bank or popular businesses in Nigeria.

Take 2 bottles of water along, don’t forget your lunch box. You may save someone’s soul.

It isn’t unusual to hear the incessant complaint of customers in many offices, especially at the customer service department.

So, a man in his 60s used his hot words on the lady behind the desk yesterday.

He bought his Sim card for the past 20 days, yet, it hasn’t worked. He traveled a far distance from his residence to the Airtel office.

As he got his feet at the door of the office, the anger on his lips blocked his eyes to respect those of us on the queue, he let the drama loose on the spot.

He screamed with a baritone voice:

“Today, this Sim card must work. I will be here till it works, if it doesn’t, I need my #1200 money back, now, now… What kind of rubbish network is unavailable to stop a new Sim from working in the past 20 days”

The lady behind the desk was shaking all through, trying to do the needful. Guys on the queue started bringing out their own complaints.

It was like, they were waiting for someone to lead the complaint for them to be bold to share their concerns.

Well, he got his way through, with his generous display of anger. I feel his anger worked as a good gift for him to turn a challenge around into a solution.

He left all of us on the queue, and the other complainers still remained where they were.

That man didn’t just hide his face on the line, he put action into his pain. He got out of the lines and got his hands on the steering, he drove until he sorted out his problem.

What help do you need, yet you’re hiding and dieing within?

What are you silently complaining about that you ought to share and get a way through?

What is it that is stopping you from giving a final blow to those things giving you constant headache?

#YouAreLimitless and have you forgotten that there’s always a way out of every challenge?