Image Credit: Live the 80/20 rule

Have you noticed?

The 80%: They say things like, “Must it be only you? Why are you so selfish, show us the way, share these opportunities with us too nah”

The 20%: We didn’t wait for opportunities to fall into our laps, we entitled ourselves to what we want and chase it down till it became ours.

The 80%: This application is just too long. The last one that we applied for 1 years ago, we never heard from the organization. They must have selected people via politics and long legs.

The 20%: If they don’t reach out, I will strategically reach out to them. If they don’t advertise a position, I will pour out my gifts to make them create the position they never thought was crucial for their organizational boom!

The 80%: Show me where to find it online, show me how to read it, write and edit the application for me, open my email for me, do my research project for me, if they pick me, wake me up to go for the interview.

The 20%: I don’t know it yet, give me the next 1 to 3 hours, I will find the solution. The last one didn’t go through, now I am coming back with more knowledge, sparkling skills, and detailed searching. God and Google are my close pal.

The 80%: This country is messed up! There’s nothing useful that can be achieved in this recession, don’t try to encourage me, it can not work.

The 20%: Really, there’s recession? Since when? We’ve been up and running in our enterprise. We left what isn’t working, left what is weak, left what is negative, left the circle of grumblers and pitched our tent within the tribe of achievers.

The 80%: They have mastered all the reasons why someone must pay for all their bills and doesn’t matter if they offer any value in return. Their uncle is bad, since he never sent them money.

The 20%: They seek what to give, to give and then, to give. They create more than 80% of their time.

Have you met anybody that falls among the 20% or anyone in the 80% circle?

Tell me more, what do you think makes those 20% people ‘ah-awe-mazing’ and most other 80% struggling to survive?