While curses may exist, something else exists and it’s more powerful than a curse.

It is called reality — real life.

That was then, when you are in some professions, jobs run after you.

This is now, that there is little or nothing called “a secured job”. Today, It is just mere words, nothing more.

That was then, when you haven’t graduated, but employers are waiting at your father’s door to give you an enduring hug and work.

This is now, that a University graduate can’t find a job for 7 years after leaving the shores of the classroom.

That was then, when your papers are shining in excellent grades, it means you drank enough intelligence in the womb.

This is now, that paper intelligence is a proof of fraudulent smartness – great grades, empty wisdom.

That was then, when you package your legs and stomach in a ‘coat’ called suit you earn more respect.

That was then, by age royalty jumps on you. The number of your years win the arguments, hands down.

Today, the table is spinning so fast. Grannies aren’t turning into babies, as usual, now, they are still on top of their game at old age.

Today, you won’t compete with your ‘mates’. What used to be your mates have turned into non-living things (apps, software and gadgets).

If you are in the business that your raw materials can finish at any time, listen, I wrote this for you.

If you are a teacher or own a school, don’t be rest assured, so far couples won’t stop their endless mating, doesn’t mean you can’mating, doesn’t mean you can’t go out of business.

If you fry succulent yams on the roadside, to the eager taste buds of travellers, sir, your business has a lot of future, so far everyone doesn’t choose to fly an aircraft all day.

If you turn human faeces into fresh cash or energy of any form, your business won’t stop, unless rapture takes your entire generation away.

If you work as an accountant, hmmm… Think again. Your business is shaky.

If you are a tailor, your hands and legs may soon be replaced by non-living tools, yet, humans from birth till grave must cover their nakedness, you should sell forever.

If you are happy whenever you hear something like skill acquisition, blah blah blah, you jump at it…good, but that’s only the beginning.

You must also learn how to make your skill stand out in the huge pool of graduates, non-graduates, rural folks and city people having the same skill set.

When the skills that are popular in Nigeria is how to open a filling station, how to become a makeup artist, photography, how to bake and grill, how to make liquid soap, hmmm…

Things may become more difficult than ever unless we open up other limitless skills that the world is hungry for.

Unless we infuse our creative energies into these skills, you may go out of business faster than the time it took you to learn those skills.

A few of the raw materials that you must never joke with, in the 21st century is your power of imagination, creativity, collaboration, curiosity and innovation.

I recently shared in a series of tweets in a conference about “Strengthening Africa’s Global Relevance Chain System through Entrepreneurship and Innovation” Enjoy it below;

Written by Fasoranti Damilola.