Free_Wifi_And_LunchYou are an admirable joker if you think free means free.

When I was in primary school, I used to trek from my school to the house – a distance of about 6-8 kilometers. Some days, I will be lucky enough to get a free ride, actually it isn’t free.

I never knew that someone including myself was paying for something – the fuel and the time for keeping the company of the driver.

I have been to many restaurants in at least 6 countries and I have always wondered why the salt, toothpick and napkins seem free. If it was free, we should be able to pour the whole box of salt into our food. It’s free, isn’t?

Hold on! Do you really think there are free conferences somewhere in this world or free Church services? Oh no, you are paying with your time, breath, attention, commitment and by being alive.

See, there’s no free nothing, the payment scheme is always hidden to jokers, but visible in reality. You just need to open your eyes wide enough and pay with the correct currency to get the desired result.

Charity begins at home. If you will, please endeavour to always carry the free wifi in your house along on your journey because internet access will never be free.

Your facebook account isn’t free, twitter comes with a cost, linkedin, instagram, periscope and all those freemium apps aren’t cheap or free. I hope you know that facebook get paid every time you log into your account or anytime you like a company page. C’mon, wake up.

I am so sorry if you jumped on this blog post intending to get a free lunch and Wifi, these two things hasn’t been free even in freetown. You’re able to read this blog post because it isn’t free – that’s my free lunch and Wifi for you.

You are a Joker if you want all things free.

Marketers know the jokers, so they trap you with the word FREE, when you get in, the cost inside will show up. We know that’s the catchy word that consumers online are looking for and of course, we give it to them.

Here is a word of caution: be aware that because you paid for something doesn’t mean you should use it all (like the free salt and toothpick at the restaurants) and that we call something free doesn’t mean it is worthless and without cost.

Be a joker, eat the free lunch, take the free salvation. When you are done, I will be here to listen to you on the hidden costs that you eventually found out.

Remember, #YouAreLimitless and you don’t have to wait for free things to make life happen. Pay it forward even if it difficult. Pay it with your gifts, skills, talents, words and goodwill.

Practical Action:The next time you are presented with a free gift, find out about the cost of creating that gift. It will help you to think Win-Win in any situation and to be more grateful when you ought to.

Write in the comment box. What do you think? Do you think there are free things somewhere in the world?