“I am a budding entrepreneur; I have this wonderful idea I have to bring to life before the end of this year. I’ll need all the help I can get. I really hope you can guide me”

I feel a bit stuck with my business idea, I am so passionate about it, I am following my gut feeling, maybe now I do not have the right support to turn it into a reality. Please, can you help me get a way through?

I am an entrepreneurship major who has a lot of ideas for new venture. The one thing my college education hasn’t taught me, which always holds me back, is where to start. How do I know what to do first? I feel lost.

Does the above sound familiar to you? Well, it does for me. I receive this kind of messages, comments, and emails from people around the world, asking for my help.

Good to know, it is because of these people that I live and breathe.

It is because of you that I am learning, sharing, writing, speaking and inspiring the limitless gifts in you into action. I am always excited to help.

So, I decided to put together a course that will walk you through as a newbie to professional or as a professional into becoming wealthy in mastering all the goodness in you. Even if you have never had a job or professional experience, this is where you will get clear on how to move ahead.

If you have a few clients and desiring to have your products fly off the shelf, you are covered.


The Ah-mazing Actions You Will Enjoy Inside…

Let me give you a deeper insight into what this course will do for you;

How To Find All Your Hidden Assets: In the first phase, I will help you to drill into the gifts of your head (knowledge), gifts of your heart (your passion and hobbies) and gifts of your hands (hands-on expertise). You feel you don’t have those? Wait until you get on the course and be swept off your feet with what you’ll discover about yourself.

I will also touch on the gifts of the associations and relationships in your life and how to tap into that wealth that you haven’t been using as you should.

How To Find Hungry Clients For Your Gifts: Straight away, we jump into the second phase where you will get the insight into your audience, these are the people that are dying to hear you, they are thirsty for your words, they are hungry for your expertise and here, I help you to present your ingenuity in their face and get into their heart.

Ah, you’re sure pumping with a lot of excitement after phase 2, your head is brimming with loads of ideas and you are moving with speed in the right direction to becoming all that you be.

How To Package Your Gifts As A High-Ticket Product: Hop, Step, Jump! We dive into the third phase where you will master how to package your products, services, and wisdom in ways that will be interesting to your audience. Whatever format – writing, speaking, acting, etc — you want to present your wisdom, we will touch on it here.

How To Stay In The Eyes And Heart Of Your Audience With Their Permission: Then, there is the fourth phase, where you’re set and equipped to get the word out. Here, we will tweak all the channels and platforms where you will be putting out all these goodness. If you intend to use social media, we will colour your canvas in an enticing way.

We will together turn your platform into a resource centre, anyone that visits will want to sleep on it and drink all the goodness that you have to offer. Yes, I will take you through deep water of platform branding.

All the phases will be covered virtually – through skype, emails, and Zoom. You can join the class from the comfort of your room, anywhere in the world.

I will hold your hands for 30 or 60 days of thinking, smiling, taking action and moving your life to the next level.


What is your financial investment?

Each of the phases cost $1000 only. That brings it to a total of $4000

But, I have a crazy discount for you – it is a shocker. I am generous and your success is far more important to me than any other thing.

Since you are now part of my tribe of limitless humans, I am giving you a discount of 80%. Wow! Did you hear that? So, you get to invest $800 only for all the four phases.

If you want just 1 out of the 4 phases, your one-time financial investment will be $250 only.


The best time to have started your awesome dream was yesterday, don’t let tomorrow meet you over-thinking maybe it is worth it blessing the world with your wisdom and becoming wealthy doing it.

Enough said, let’s get into action.

Send me a quick email at fash@limitlessfash.com right away, with the subject: