5 years ago, I wrote some of my vision for the next 50 years. One of it is to start an organization that will help youths in grassroots communities to unlearn, relearn and use relevant tools to create social solutions for any nation in the world. Another is to create a franchise of executive toilets around the world.

I know you have some kind of business or project that you’ll like to start too. You really desire it that it snatches your sleep in the night, it gets you to your feet in the morning, it is like fire shut up in your bones, it fills every vowel in your words and echo consonance in your walking style.

But, why have you not started it yet? What is slowing down your launch?

I have heard concerns such as; Fear, Resources (financial, educational, human etc).

Some said, it is comfort and complacency.

Whatever it is, I will share with you 3 tips that will help you to put your best foot forward and start that idea (your baby) that may die if you linger too long without doing anything about it.

I used these tips to start an organization in 2016, published a book in 2015 and in 18 months, wrote 200+ articles as if my life depended on it.

Practical Action 1: Write Down Every Details of Your Intended Enterprise

What will you be able to do if you run that enterprise that you’re unable to do now? For example, will it give you more freedom of time, money and relevance?

Is it going to be a business or not-for-profit oriented enterprise? For example, who will pay for the service? What will be the channel or system for generating the cash?

How do your target clients/users/participants feel by being in contact with your enterprise? For example, does it make their marital relationship more romantic or does it make students to have magic brain to read less and assimilate faster?

The details of your intended enterprise will make you to begin to see yourself in the whole picture, it will pique your enthusiasm and imagination, it will draw you closer to seeing and believing that it is possible.

Highlight: A part of my details is what I explained to the panelist when I was seeking for a scholarship to attend an international Institute (Kanthari) in India to learn the how-to of my intended enterprise – I was selected!

Practical Action 2: Start Before You Are Ready

Is that logical? Should you eat before you are ready? Won’t you be disqualified if you start running before the Set-Ready-Go instruction on the tracks?

Well, you may be disqualified on the track, but in real life, you’d better let your preparation kiss opportunity. Before you meet an investor or seek for a partner, be sure you have something (no matter how little) to show us that your idea will work. It is your ‘baby’, so practically show me that it will breathe and live.

If you want to start a writing career, write your first post. Self publish your book if all the publishers turn you down. If you want to start a fashion show, make a mini-fashion show in a neighbourhood or in your living room.

The idea is, create the story of what you’re doing already. When the opportunity you are waiting for knocks, present it!

Highlight: When I wanted to start this website, I didn’t have a huge budget to get it off the ground. So, I waited for more than 2 years doing nothing about having a digital home.

Suddenly, I knew I had to start before being ready, so I decided to learn the basics of designing a website and voila, here is it, kicking and alive! I can keep working on it to improve it.

Practical Action 3: Decide to Do It Afraid And Network With Bright Minds

I love to travel. But I have always felt that I need a lot of money to travel and see other places around the world. Then, an opportunity came for me to travel out of my country on an exchange program with AIESEC for 8 weeks in 2012. Without asking for the cost of the trip, I began to nurse my fears that I will not be able to raise the cost of my travel.

But, my mother believed in my desires, my aspirations and my enterprise. She helped me to embrace my fears and transform it into action. She told me to fundraise afraid. Just do it! In a few days, the money was complete. I was off. After that journey, I began to embrace my fears as a positive vibe to get into action.

The bright mind I networked with was my mother to launch that travelling project. Right? Yes.

I have done several other projects by networking with bright minds already doing what I want to do, just by sending them a simple facebook or twitter message, I found the resources I have been looking for.

In conclusion…

There is no particular best strategy to get you to launch your enterprise. But, a combination of thoughts, desires, planning and ruthless execution will kick your butts and set you on fire. Don’t just get inspired listening to stories of people that has started their venture, get your project together and give it life!

A quick question for you.

What have you been trying to start but seem tough to kick off? What is that burning passion inside of you that you are confused of how to make it happen?

I’d like to read from you.