She said, ‘Sir, I haven’t eaten since yesterday and there’s nothing in my house, can you please give me just 500 naira, God will bless you’

Then, she kept on raining more prayers to get my emotions to dance.

Me: ‘I don’t mind giving you 2000 naira, but what will you eat when you finish the money?’

She said, ‘Sir, I will borrow food from a woman selling foodstuff around my house’

Me: ‘How do you pay her back, then, for how long for the rest of your life will you keep boycotting people on the road just to beg for money?’

She said, ‘Sir, God will provide’

Me: ‘Stop, stop, stop!’ I know God provides. No, he had provided. What will you do to get his provision without street begging?

She said, ‘Well, Sir, I sell beads. It is just that, there’s no market for it. People merely price it, look at it in and out and dust off their butts without buying’

Me: Now, you are talking! A quick question: Is there any bead seller around you that sell and people troop over her/him to buy?

She said, ‘Yes, Sir. Very well.

Me: ‘Now, collect free wisdom, go and watch what they are doing correctly, apply it and the universe can’t but serve you your abundant share of goodness’

Here, collect this token to eat today and tomorrow. Now, Go and turn the huge gifts in your heart and the generous skills of your hands into business and solution.

Eat from it, bless others with it and get more people like you off the street. Now, God bless you too.

Over to you, dear reader! What do you have in your hands, head and heart too?