I made my first few dollars online inside a group (a G+ community), it was a mind-blowing experience. All I did was to leave a few thoughtful comments on a post. Boom!

If there is any one thing that has transformed nations, led to breakthroughs and brought in free wisdom to the young, it is found within the power of congregation.

This congregation factor helps you to make more money, make faster connection, become a go-to expert within a short time and expand your network easily.

My facebook friend, Angela Onoja had this to say;


So, I want you to open your mind to learn a tiny, yet powerful secret in this post.

Groups: My friend, that’s where the goldmine is.

–Your customers are there.
–Your co-founders are there.
–Your investors fill up the seats.
–Your content is daily put there.
–Your answers to almost any of your problems are there.

But, do you know why we don’t get so much from there?

Most of you are in 50 groups! Hehehe.. How do you manage that? Maybe not even 50 but more groups than you can actively engage in.

See, If there is a group you haven’t visited in the last 90 days, why not exit it and remove the clutter of irrelevant notifications?

Back to the goldmine:

Your customers are in groups, in clusters, in an association:
Since we have a group of young female adults seeking husband ‘material’, it helps you not to go there and sell a product about ‘how to stop your grandmother from watching Television’.

Because, we have groups and associations that has a name, interest, goals, mission, plan of engagement and so on, it helps you to take your products to the exact places where your customers are hungry for it.

It is too much hard work convincing the whole world to buy your product or services. Why not choose the hungry groups, select the thirsty customers and show them the route to grow in love with your gifts and services?

Your co-founders are there:
So, I belong to a group that wants to create a new face and heart of education in Nigeria on Whatsapp.

As the organization I work with grows and begins to look out for souls that are already fired up in this direction, we won’t have to advertise our vacant positions.

We simply reach out to those guys in that group that has an aligned (or uniquely different) thought with our vision. And yes! — That’s how jobs and appointments are given out.

If we have an event, campaign, advocacy or write a post about alternative education to massively killing unemployment in Nigeria, where should I go to for support? That Education group!

Another example:
If you’re looking for someone to help your social media grow in rich engagement, organic following and decent value for money invested, where is the best group to find that folk? — Think!

Now, I want you to take the other 3 goldmine opportunities above and explore how you can use the groups in which you belong to make sense, build connections and get out your desired breakthrough.

Over to you, my Friend:
What great things have you been able to achieve using groups and associations? Share it in the comment box, right now…