If you are like me that wake up every morning bustling like police siren, with ten thousands of ideas, then you are not alone. Ideas flow in your head like saliva gliding in the mouth of a cute baby, to pick just 1 and execute it is where you struggle. Okay, I wrote this post for you.

I finally found a simple tweak around this problem and in the next few minutes, you will be crystal clear on the exact idea to cling to, like ants in a sugar well. If you read between the lines carefully, you will be able to take the very first step on that 1 idea and you will feel a sense of satisfaction doing so.

Let’s go.

Here are the 5 steps I follow whenever I get overwhelmed with ideas to pick 1 to start with;

  1. Do nothing

What? Do nothing? Yes! What I mean by this is, I intentionally try to forget everything. It’s like throwing away the baby and the bath tub. I give my mind the opportunity to breathe. I decide to concentrate on nothing and just sip in surrounding sounds, chatter and calmness of the moment.

This is magical, when you can relax all your nerves and just flow with the gentle pamper of the freshness in your mind. Allow your mind and head to get a clean sheet, it will be easier to colour a single idea on that canvas soon.

Practical Action: Can you have a quiet time away from everybody and every activity? Do it! Keep the phones, internet and computers away. Skip the chitchat on TV and radio. Free up now.

  1. Start with WHY

Sometimes, it seems we know WHAT we want – it could be money, better job, new relationship etc – but we are not so sure WHY we want it. When your why is defined in specific terms, the first idea to jump at, will instantly surface.

For example, I had always wanted to have an organization of my own – that’s WHAT. Until I became clear that why I really wanted it was — to help grassroots youth transform their knowledge, skills, talents and community resources into social solutions – that’s WHY, I ran around circles of different jobs and activities.

As I became clear of my WHY, mentors, help, scholarship and every tool I needed to bring this 1 idea into reality came rushing like naked wind over the mountains in the desert.

Practical Action: List a few sentences of your deepest WHY. This isn’t about the money or anything for now. What do you deeply feel you can do that will bring some value, less pain or solution to others? List it in the comment box at the bottom of this wall.

  1. Write out just 10 out of the 10,000 ideas

Take a clean sheet of paper and write on it just 10 out of your numerous thoughts. Even if you hate writing, you’ll need to do this. Why? Writing is the first touch of your idea to the physical domain.

In fact, writing it down is as if you have started the idea already. You’ll understand this in a bit. For now, I want you to take a look at your WHY again and write out the 10 best ideas in your head that you feel can make that your WHY become real.

Practical Action: Don’t make this to look like work, okay. Make it fun and I won’t mind joining you virtually when you’re doing this. Make the 10 bullet points scream happily at your WHY… let’s go.

  1. Cross Out

Now, look into your 10 points, they are all beautiful and amazing, I feel they will give you the deepest satisfaction. Great! Now, which 1 out of all them do you feel you have the basic skills, talent and resources – financial, human, intellectual, physical etc – to pursue right away?

You don’t need to have ALL the skills and resources. Which 1 of the 10 can you do something about right now? – call somebody for links, gain new knowledge, buy the first tool or find the first customer.

Practical Action: Don’t get into that struggle again, I know you don’t want to let go of that idea in number 8 for the single one in number 4, but I didn’t say you won’t execute number 8. You will, but one after the other. Focus is the key out of that overwhelm.

  1. Take that first action.

Do you know what I am doing to you right now? I am celebrating you already for getting to this point. In fact, you have scaled through; all you’ve to do now is to take that first crucial (no matter how small) action on that 1 idea.

Make that phone call, write that sales page, create that content and upload it, buy that scissors, purchase that shiny plugin, register for that conference, send that one email, pick that one book and read. That’s the way we roll.

In conclusion:

Don’t just read this and go away, like the mouse that eat your delicious soup and clean its mouth. Pause and read it all over, then execute.

Now, jump over to the comment box below and let’s talk.

Which one of your numerous ideas do you strongly feel like starting for a while now, but struggled so far?