Take it or leave it, we all have one or two ugly tales in our lives! Also, we have a huge pile of prosperity

When I was young, I wasn’t so lucky to avoid bedwetting. Even if I take my last meal for the day by 4 pm in the evening, my bed will still have to suffer in the river of my urine before daybreak.

It was annoying and of course, my parent didn’t find it funny.


While I was in high school, I used to lecture my male friends on the magical strategies of toasting a girl. I was stunned that when they apply the tips and tricks, the girls couldn’t resist their proposal.

Can you believe that I never proposed to any lady until about 5 years later?

Actually, I couldn’t so much as ask a girl out, ah ah, I’d be panting like I just escaped from a lion’s den. My lips will shake like a chilled and frosty baby through the night.

Yet, I could script out the tips to any guy on how to cash in on any proposal to a lady.

Sometimes, I will be afraid that if I proposed to a lady, I could be slapped, I could lose my prestige, my self-worth will vanish like soft flames in strong wind if she doesn’t agree to my proposal.

Today, the story has changed

I know how to help struggling parents to teach their kids and get desired results. I have also channelled my ability to speak that people will listen into helping people to become better communicators. I empower people to use their voice, words and body to communicate their ideas to the people that matter. I get paid to do this.

The same skill, the same person, but I now use all these differences. When I share with people some of my ugly actions, they instantly connect and desire to work with me. They feel that I know their pain and I can empathize with them to make the change that they truly desire.

I have a friend that was used to having regular sex with himself, he couldn’t stop, he struggled so hard, yet it got worse. Today, that ugly story is healing nations; he swam into a new life when he gave his life to Jesus Christ and now, he replicates that new life in others too.

Have you so much heard about Mr Leke Alder? Have you read the epistle of his previous sorry marital relationship? Today, his weekly relationship letter to Jack and Jil is saving unborn generations.

I read that Jesus didn’t get the luxury of a hospital when his mother gave birth to him as I got. During his earthly ministry, he trekked hundreds of kilometres that I don’t like to dream of or trek in real life.

Now, billions of people around the world are reading his message and signing up to his gospel!

We all have an ugly story, for example, a secret family tale, a bad community experience, a bad journey, the wrong career path, the broken bond of a trusted friend and so on.

You were raped, okay! Use your hurts to heal.

You lost a treasure carelessly! Thank God, use it as an opportunity for growth.

You failed some courses; yes, some of us failed enough courses, that’s fine!

You hate being a citizen of your country! Actually, that’s why you are created there to make the change.

Practical Action: List out some of your ugly stories or struggles. Pick each of these and write out the processes that you used to overcome the struggles. Share that story as a way of leading others into living their best life. You can turn that into a product or a course.

#You Are Limitless.

Have you overcome any challenge in the past? Will you like to learn how to convert it into a story or product that you can share to help others? Write it in the comment box.