One of the questions that I started asking myself in the last 10 years is: ‘Why is it that only a few people in many communities and cites are successful – have the means to enjoy all that life has to offer and more.

Then, I paused and looked in my life and family and keep thinking, what has helped me and other in my family to get to whatever stage we have gotten to?

One of the answers I came up with is that, ‘the more we put in the skills, knowledge and wisdom we have acquired into productive use, the more peace, wealth and satisfaction we got.

While I feel that there is a lot more we can achieve, I began to search for the tool, tactics and strategies that will get me to do more, even with less and to help people around me to do the same – launching their awesome dreams.

That search is what got me to realize that coaching the real deal that I had been look for. I read books, I attended conferences, I listened to podcast about self development and I began to see that I was really cut out to coach, inspire and provoke the gifts of people into action.

I signed up to the Catalyst Coaching Certification (CCC) by the Asia Pacific Institute of Coaching in March, 2020 to finally go on this path in a professional way.

This post is to share my lesson notes from my first class: What is coaching?

“Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximize his or her own performance. It is helping them to learn rather than teaching them” – Sir John Whitmore, Coaching for Performance.

For me to be an excellent Coach, I need to have the mindset and  believe that the whoever I am coaching always has the answer to their own problems and my role is to help them dig or understand that they have the solutions they seek.

I am to help my Coachee to find out where they want to be, where they are at now, what options they have to move one forward and what they will commit to do to reach their outcomes. This follows what is called the GROW model.

There are powerful questions that help us dig into our lives. I observed that most of the actions we take every day starts from a place of questions. For example, ‘should I wake up now or later, ‘should I read the news or listen to a podcast on my way to work’?

We answer our own questions to take different action daily. Yet, we may not be aware of other powerful questions that will help us reach the deeper state of solutions within us. This is where I see the work of a Coach to help us reach that depth of solutions bundle inside of us.

The fact that most of us want a new start and consistent growth in every area of our lives, either at the beginning of a day, week, month or year, it is refreshing when we also have the tools to help us reach that newness and growth.

As a Coach, my work is to engage my Coachee in conversations that help them, get clarity and confidence to move in the direction of what gives them happiness, balance, comfort and satisfaction.

My conversation with my Coachee should help them develop problem-solving skills, that overtime, they can move ahead and get solutions even without me.

Limitlessfash_Make this day Great.

Some of the expected effects of my Coaching can be:

Self-awareness and reflection – helping people reach that state of ‘ah-ah, this is what I have been looking for.’

Acceptance and Curiosity – I don’t want to judge my Coachee or what is right or wrong, but to make them feel accepted while they get inspired and hungry to reach higher.

Become fulfilled – I want to help young people and adults to get to a state of constant fulfilment and knowledge that things are working together for their good and growth.

As I start this journey, I am aware that there are several possibilities ahead of me and I can wait to plunge far and deep into it while helping others to go far and deep into making all their dreams come alive.