It all connects together – we are all connected as humans, either we believe it or ignore it.

While most people usually look for what makes us different, there are so many ways that most of the things that exist today became so, because things are connected.

There is a form of flow we all need in our lives and in coaching, we are helping the coachee to get into conversations that will ensure that the flow happens. Not just any form of flow, but the ones directed to achieve a purpose.

C.O.A.C.H is a process that can help unveil the unseen qualities and identities of the coachee, then help to explore the actions that these discoveries can initiate.

The C.O.A.C.H is an acronym and they are explained below:

C: Core – this is one of the fundamental points that need to be uncovered. The Coach helps the coachee to understand the hidden motivations and ho to leverage it for other possibilities or digging into the underlying needs, that may not surface just in the first few minutes of the coaching relationship.

O: Outcome – here, we take steps looking closely at designing and working towards a certain set of goals. In the development circle, this is core for programs that are created with communities – we move from input to activities, then to outputs, outcomes and impact.

It makes a lot more sense to me that in Coaching, we are able to collaborate with our coachee to hit on certain sets of desired possibilities.

A: Awareness – connected to exploring the core of the coachee is the need to take them on a trip that brings to light the different mindset that is creating barriers to success

C: Connect – every coachee has strengths and gifts, that they may not be aware of or that has been identified, but not put into use. At this juncture, the coachee is supported to highlight theses strengths, map out the steps to take in utilizing, then committing to taking those actions one after the other.

H- High-point – taking those initial steps is the starting point to sustainable changes, the high point of ensuring that lasting change is achieved is that the coachee enters into lifelong learning and continues to move to more forms of success.

My Takeaway:

There are processes in life that ascertain success, the same way there are processes that lead to failure. The more we learn and take actions, following the guidelines that have been tested to lead to success, the easier we can reduce the paths to failure.