“Our focus is our future and what we focus on will multiply in our life.” — David DeNotaris

To start this blog, I will like you to take a look at this 11-minute TED Talk by Alex Honnold – How I climbed a 3,000-foot vertical cliff – without ropes

The first few minutes of that video got me thinking. Alex had been preparing for this climb for 10 years. Within those 10 years, he didn’t sit just waiting, he was taking steps, climbing indoors and steadily till he achieved this feat.

Real life that happened to Alex, is possible for all of us too.

In a coaching relationship using the FLOW5 C.O.A.C.H, after we have explored the CORE of our coachee – looking into the needs, primary and secondary drivers, we can’t stop there.

It is now important, just like Alex, to help our coachee to unveil the kinds of OUTCOMES they are trying to see in their lives, in the short, medium and long term.

These are the few initial steps that can help the coach and the coachee to begin to pay more attention and focus on those areas.

As a coach, I need to help my coachee to be calculative and very focused in life to achieve big things.

To explore and take action towards getting focused, I am pleased to learn something new – the wheel of life. I will be sharing my personal exercise I went through while on this coaching session.

The question is “How focused are you on the wheel of life?”

On the 9th of June, 2020, I created Fash’s Wheel of Life.

To start with, I identified the top 8 things important to me.

The next question was, “How happy was I with each of the above from a range of 0 to 10?” I have placed the number at the front of each of them.

– Faith – 3
– Personal Growth – 5
– Family (Relationship) – 4
– Money (Finances) – 6
– Career (Coaching) – 4
– Health – 6
– Travel – 4
– Social Life – 3

The initial step was to identify where I was on the wheel of life at that very moment. Then, it makes it easier to think further from there.

In the near future, I obviously want changes.

The next question: What time will it take for me to see changes in these areas? Imagine, I had 2 years with limitless resources, what will the number become for all those 8 areas?

– Faith – 9
– Personal Growth – 9
– Family (Relationship) – 8
– Money (Finances) – 9
– Career (Coaching) – 8
– Health – 10
– Travel – 6
– Social Life – 7

Now, looking the numbers and where I want it to become in about 2 years, it is better that I basically Focus on just 3 items on the list – Faith, Career and Family.

After thinking about what I can make happen in 2 years, with limitless resources, the next thing is to ask myself, ‘what am I working on in the next 1 month, in the next 3, 6 and 9 months.

Practically, between June and November that I am writing this blog I made a decision, and went ahead to get married (although, I planned for 3 years in the future).

I didn’t have even have or needed limitless resources to get marries as I had always thought. In 5 months of deciding to pay attention to just 3 areas (and intentionally limit the attention I pay on the activities that isn’t directly connect to them), I have made huge progress.

In career, I made important changes, such as getting off projects that weren’t leading to growth, learning a new skills and ofcourse, intentionally practicising my coaching skills at every opportunity.

On this coaching session, there was an important point that was made that there is pull, push, fight etc. on the wheel of life. So, my focus could be in different direction towards goals, outcomes or weakness and problems.

I noticed that the more I impressed my heart on the goals and what I desire to achieve, placing the resources I can leverage in that direction, I got more results.

The beautiful thing about this is that it is now a lifestyle.

This is the same thing I desire that my coachee is able to achieve that they can design outcomes and begin to move step by step in the direction of those goals – fully focused on them until they begin to experience the results they desire.