Believe in your heart that you’re meant to live a life full of passion, purpose, magic and miracles.” ― Roy T. Bennett, The Light in the Heart

This coaching session was one of the very ones I was anticipating because the topic about purpose has been shared by different people, using different context.

I can still remember when we were growing up in church, some of the leaders constantly said, ‘the day you find your purpose, that’s when you start living’

At that that I felt confused every time they said that I felt guilty many times when I couldn’t even mention the exact purpose, I was aiming it.

Nonetheless, those confusion was enough to get my curiosity alive and constantly eager to listen to anything that relates to this.

This session started with a beautiful question, “who is moving the goal post?”

Moving the goal post? I was asking myself during this session. It would be normal to hear that the ball is being moved, for example in a football game, but why will you move the goal post?

It’s interesting because, without knowing where the goal post is, or being moved to, it is tougher to when, how and where to score.

We have to identify our purpose (in our own lives) and in the lives of our coachee, to be sure of what we are moving towards or away from.

While our triggers and needs aren’t static, it is also possible that our purpose will take a shift. For example, when you get a new job or become a parent, there could be a shift in your purpose and thinking.

In the coaching-coachee relationship, it is likely that the purpose of the coachee will be in phases too. So, it is important to learn how to help pivot around it.

There are 4 Cs that can help to explore the purpose of our coachee:

1. Create! We are creative beings. What we create may eventually become what we are known for. A good question to ask is “What am I good at creating?”

Here are my own answers, while on the call:

-Social media traction.
-Excellent Relationships.
-Avenues for others to grow.
-I help people turn their knowledge into action.

2. Consume! What you are consuming is what is taking your resources (money, etc). This can determine either you will reach your goal or not. Here’s the time to highlight what your money goes into. Check where your time is going to – I have been able to track mine using calendly and things I tick off my to-do lists.
How much are you spending on you? Are you going to continue consuming the right things like Coaching? And giving it too? Are you investing in the present or in the future? Top investors say this: Every time you have a chance – save, the flip and next to that is to invest.

3. Calendar! How you design your day, week, month and year will design your purpose. The whole time will build up to all what you are going to become now and in the future. If you can calculate the % that you are spending on different areas of your life, it will help you understand the dynamics of getting things done. Plan your life. Plan it out.

‘Plan weekly, act daily’ – Stephen Covey.

4. Caring! Who are you caring for? Who do you have a heart for? What breaks your heart? What brings tears to your face?

Those 4 Cs will help the coachee to think through different areas of their lives, especially reflecting on the things they have done already.

IKIGAI – The Japanese Secret to a long and happy life

I took this exercise it what exciting for me, that I couldn’t wait to teach it to some of my team members a few days after the coaching call.

We explored these questions and I am glad to share some of my answers below:
What are you paid for?
-to create brand awareness/digital footprints, to inspire people, to make people’s product fly off the shelf sell via writing.

What are you great at?
-writing to sell, speaking, listening, design, strategy, coaching.

What do you love doing?
-writing, speaking, listening.

What does the world need?
-inspiration and happiness, education, action, sales, to achieve success.

For each of the questions, you can reduce it to just 1 word.

For example, for Coach Mel – His IKIGAI is summarized into – Live, Be, Brave. The longer version is (empowering the next generation of entrepreneurs to live and be brave.

My purpose is closely embedded in a single word – “Multiplication – like I drop something in the lives of people and they are able to cause a ripple, magnifying effect”

My Key Takeaway

Some of my coachees may not be fully aware of themselves and their abilities, which means, they may not be fully ready, for the full in-depth version of the ikigai. This guide can be used in a way to serve the clients (helping them to look into where they are at in the ikigai circle) then focus there for the moment.