‘Tell me, I forget.

Teach me, I may remember.

Involve me – I learn’. – Benjamin Franklin.

When I do things I am proud of, I thought it was enough that I feel good about it – for example, my team at work usually don’t expect anything less, so they rarely have to throw a party or give me a pat in the back.

Later on, I had friends that will scream and throw different form of praises when I do those things. Initially, I felt it as an embarrassment. I mean, I am proud of myself and feel good already, why take it any further?

During this session, I realized I was robbing myself off the joy of achievement – the pleasant victory of setting goals, putting in time, resources and systems, then achieving it.

I stumbled on an article sometimes ago that says, “According to the University of Scranton, a whopping 92 per cent of people who set New Year’s goals never actually achieve them.

For example, it isn’t strange that I am finally getting to write this blog (yeah, yup, blog 25 of 26 blogs). I know when I am procrastination and I know that when I bring out my laser focus T.E.A into play, I won’t stop until I get done.

How Does This Work In Coaching?

What is the role of a Coach? What is the importance? What makes it precious?

The priceless role of the coach is to allowing that time with the coachee to be honourable, seeing the Coachee with the highest level of honour.

We are helping the coachee honour their learning by encouraging, praising and celebrating every step of achievement they take. We are helping recognize that each goal they set, the plans they make and the outcomes they are experiencing is a proof that they great potentials to even achieve more.

We are helping our coachee to self-reflect on their growths and learning.

Coach Shawn Ellis recommends to “celebrate every little victory you can, so your confidence bank has the ‘funds’ needed to meet the challenges of the day.”

Here are a few  good “Honour Learning” (+ Self-Reflection) Questions to consider…       

  • What was the ‘best thing’ that   happened to (for) you last week?                           
  • What is one amazing (interesting) thing you will do this weekend?          
  • What will you be found doing     that matters most, this brand-new week?          
  • What is one ‘Key Word (Value)’ you would like  to live true to, more this week?                               
  • What are 3 areas/things, you would like to stop doing this week?            
  • What are 3 areas/things, you would like to continue doing this week?
  • What are 3 areas/things, you would like to start doing (differently) this week?
  • What is your favourite hobby?
  • What is one small (daily) act of kindness you can show this week?

My Key Takeaways

  1. Keep saying those positive words, keep taking the seemingly ‘scary’ actions, the universe has been waiting to embrace it all, for your flourishing to happen.
  2. This session was a great opportunity to honour my myself, for having the courage to go through this coaching certification, to step out of my fears I didn’t realize I had and taking the baton to the finish line.
  3. The world is thirsty for more Coaches (This beautiful community has shown this in practice). Thank you, everyone.  – Fasoranti Damilola, 2020.