For the past 10 months, it initially felt like I was back in regular school.

But here, there are so many elements of the regular school that are missing – this was one of the reasons that I stayed through the grind.

The year 2012 was the first time I wrote in my 8-year goal, that by 2020, I would have become certified in something related to helping people achieve their dreams.

All through those 8 years, it felt like left that dream. No, I didn’t. Instead, I was working hard to be in position to be able to achieve this goal.

Long Story Short – This Dream is Now A Reality

I am not just proud of myself, but I am grateful for this journey – all the people I have met, the challenges, the mistakes, the wins, the tears, the joy, the pain and the victory.

I am writing this final blog as the end of the criteria to finally be embraced into the journey of becoming a certified coach.

After now, I will be highlighting the feedback I received from Coach Mel (MCC).

Practicum 1: Coachee Joyce | Date: 30th March, 2020 | Run Time: 8 minutes 40 seconds.

I gave myself 4 points on the scale of 10. This was my first time of testing out practicum of being a potential coach. It was rather tough as this was the first time of speaking with Joyce.


-Gift of paraphrasing and listening, closing the session with the opportunity to work together in the future

Possible Improvement Areas

-Do the goal setting better (make it more specific), to get the outcomes at the end – some form of commitment.

-Use the scale question, to get them to focus and commit.

Practicum 2: Coachee Josh | Date: 1st September, 2020 | Run Time: 7 minutes 10 seconds.

I felt it wasn’t a coaching session, it felt smooth and as a conversation. I reminded Josh about his past success (this helped me to zoom in on my GIFTS model of coaching).


-The opening was great and my coachee was easy going.

-Who do you want to be – great question

Possible Improvement Areas:

-Say something like, ‘Thanks for saying that’ – as an affirmation.

-I could have asked him questions around his physical health (looking into things that trigger him being drained). A question could be, ‘what are the 3 things draining you right now.

-Ask question about ‘who in your week can be your potential trigger’

-Ask more question about his progress – from what to what.

Practicum 3: Recorded – Coachee Obinna Okere | Date: 14th December, 2020 | Run Time: 29 minutes 37 seconds.

I enjoyed this, as Obinna is already eager to take action in line of his 2 ideas. At the initial stage, he basically mentioned that he was looking for ideas.’

It was great that I asked him about the current ideas he was exploring, then the conversation went on, drilling more into how he can even success in the ones already in his face.

So, I learned the importance of asking the ‘reality’, the current intentions or desire turned into some actions already. He is already searching for the solution and already taking steps too.


-Helping Obinna to focus (without limiting him to explore his next identified idea).

-Listening (and re-echoing back to him, that he has the answers)

-Asking about anything form of success in the past (My Coaching Model – GIFTS).

Possible Improvement Areas:

-Ask more open ended questions. For example, ‘have you checked any organizations that have succeeded in agric or any organization that support startups?’

-Ask for scaling questions. For example, ‘from a scale of 1-10, how desperate are you? Try to gauge how much action they are ready to take.

-Avoid leading questions. Allow them to come up with the solutions so we can hold them accountable to their own solutions.

-A lot of times, for neurological levels, we usually think it is competence, but usually it is more about beliefs. Yes, competence may be a factor. But, it is usually about the belief (the insecurities is tied into our identities).

Practicum 4: Recorded – Coachee Titilope Victoria| Date: 14th December, 2020 | Run Time: 20 minutes 24 seconds.


-Listening ability (saying it back to her what she said).

-Breaking complex things down to simpler bits (for coachee to see step by step what to do).

-Being able to celebrate what she has done so far.

Possible Improvement Areas:

-You can help her thing further, “Why $1000? What does this mean to you? Does it give you freedom? Maybe it is the prestige for the family, etc. Usually, it is more about identity.

-Get her to reflect on and ask what’s next after $1000, what’s next, what’s next, what’s next, keep pushing.

-Let them set a SMARTER goal for a specific time – that’s fine.

-Let’s get them to motivation behind the money, house, the award – get them to evaluate how the things is tied to the commitment.

-Give your coachee some space (they are able to think) to reflect (to come up with better insight).

-60% for the coachee 40% for the coach – less questions, more speaking. For example, “and so..?” “what does that mean to you?” are question. Let them keep speaking.

Practicum 5 – Coaching the Master Coach Mel | Date: 17th December, 2020 | Run Time: 1 Hour+

Master Coach Mel taking a walk (during the call).

I was about to dread this session; at the beginning we had internet challenges. Coach Mel made this session a welcoming one.

It was a privilege to have this session, getting to look into a real life situation that Coach Mel wanted to discuss. At the initial stage, I wasn’t sure if I will have any questions to ask, but overall, I felt more confidence each step of the way.


I asked good questions that gave him thoughts and space for insight.

-I moved swiftly in an out around process and emotion question.

-He could do something different about the situation with the conversation – In some ways, I got him to where he wanted to go.

Possible Improvement Areas:

-It didn’t get me deeper (the questions weren’t deep enough).

-Try to clarify the coaching goals (what are the metrics).

-Ask more about the metrics of the goals and the need for the suggested partnership.

-Get the coachee excited, for example, a question may be ‘what will get you really excited about doing this?’

The energy of the coaching wasn’t high enough. It was steady and not pumping in power. Move the coachee to the high point and continue to hustle.

In all, I appreciate, the huge energy, motivation support of all the coaches on this cohort. It’s been truly phenomenal.

A huge thanks to Coach Mel, for being more than a Coach, has become a friend and a superb teacher.

Now, on to the next phase of helping people from every face of the earth to launch their limitless dreams fearlessly.