A few years ago, I remember that I got a gift from my dad – a belt. On the special morning that I wanted to use, I found out that none of the holes were placed in a good position that will tighten my trousers.


It never crossed my mind earlier to check the gift to be certain that it was ready to be used. Those were days when there were no phones, talk less of internet services in Nigeria. Don’t think of typing for a solution on google.

After thinking and feeling angry at myself for about 30 minutes, do you know what I did? I scrambled to the kitchen, flipped open the utensil rack, I got a fork.

I hurried to the store room in the house and brought out a nail, I motioned to the backyard and found a smooth stone. All the tools I needed to solve the problem were handy.

As a carpenter punctures the nail through the skin of the wood, I was sweating and drilling neat holes into the leather belt, I pulled through! I was proud of myself I didn’t need a pat on my back for any validation.

As a little boy like many other kids, I hate the smell of drugs and so, I struggled with my parents not to take medicine. Since, they won’t agree, you have to quickly devise a means.

What do you do? Take the drugs from their hand, sit on the chair close to the wall, calculate and throw the medicine into your mouth (no, I mean behind the chair). You got well afterall, you are proud of yourself. You don’t need any certificate to validate that.

Did you learn that from google or on youtube? Where did that come from?

If anything is funny to you, do you ask google how to laugh before you do?

When you hear shocking and disturbing news, do you search for a youtube video on how to cry and grieve?

Imagine the number of little initiatives that you take daily.

Dear limitless, don’t wait to win the grammy award before you celebrate how limitless you are. Your ingenuity, there is no copy of it!

Practical Action: What do you want to accomplish but you feel you need a bunch of knowledge to kickstart? List the things you know already. Start with what you have, where you are and steadily grow from there.


What are the other things that you didn’t learn on google but you are proud of? Write them in the comment box and let’s throw some party.