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You are familiar with the balls of food that travel from your mouth to the stomach and eventually rest in peace at the sewer through our anus. There is one more step in this process that we usually don’t think about.

Do you know that there is sometimes a fight between the water closet and the septic tank and that there are 4 life lessons you can learn from that fight?

Perhaps, you are like me, you have gotten angry with your own feaces because it refuses to go down the septic tank. You are not alone. I have been in your shoes several times.

Oh, there are stubborn faeces, for God’s sake, they will stare you in the face like Goliath in battle with David, yet serve you with unpleasant aroma all through the session.

See, in life there are difficult situations similar to this, we flush it, but it won’t disappear. We have certain habits that sometimes make us stink inside. Dear limitless, there is always a way out. So far the earth remain, solutions abound.

Some of the alternative strategies I use in the restroom to flush these “big boys” include;

  1. Get more-then-required water and keep pouring forever.

Practical life action: If you aren’t putting enough diligence to your dreams, make a change. Get new tools for your work, get more insight into your business, buy one more book and read, take one more class. Excellent preparation for that presentation will get you ahead.

  1. Get a small cup of water, each time, with focus and concentration, pour it with good force.

Practical life action: Focus is powerful, the photographers can tell. Decide a deadline to a particular thing. If you want 200 more sales, focus on dividing it into small bits to achieve it. If you want to learn from a mentor, focus on it for 1 month and get it done.

  1. Leave it for a few hours to decompose and resume the flushing process.

Practical life action: A roadblock doesn’t mean there is no road; it might mean there’s a temporary construction. Take some rest, let patience take its place. Start again when you clear your mind.

  1. Allow a “flushing professional” around the house to help you out.

Practical life action: Link up with someone that has done what you’re trying to do. Learn from them. Take notes. Put it into action.

See, persistence in the use of a wrong strategy to solve a stubborn challenge only leads to persistent frustration.

When you push the closet flush handle several times and it doesn’t do the job, it is unwise to keep doing that for the next 2 decades; I guess your purpose on earth isn’t to get stuck with stubborn feaces. Eh eh.

If writing Curriculum Vitae again and again hasn’t worked your desired job into your hand, there are several other ways around it. Change your strategy. Ask for help.

If praying in the midnight earns you a sleeping dose at work and eventually makes you unproductive, know that your spiritual growth strategy has a broken tooth.

If waiting and searching steals away your precious time because you’re disorganized, it is urgent that you tap the organized side of your brain to get to work.

Persistence is good, resilience is awesome, being stubborn like the hard-to-flush “big boys” with the right strategy is what will break the mountains.

Practical Action: If you want more followers on twitter, don’t use the same method that people that get just 5 followers in 1 week use. Ask people that aren’t struggling.

If you want to make money doing legitimate online business, don’t search aimlessly on google (do it if you know your way or ready to explore)e. Ask people around you that are already doing it.

If you want to publish your next book and confused of what steps to follow, ask!


What have you been doing for a long time with no considerable result, but you feel you need a new strategy? Write it in the comment box.