If you have been successful in anything before, I wrote this post for you. If you can get this one thing I want to share with you today, life can’t but favour you every single day.

One single idea from this post will help you to get as much money from one customer by offering them value without stress.

Let us consider something that happens to all of us everyday:

The day that guy or lady you’ve been running after for a long time accepted your romantic proposal, how did you feel? You happy and like a champion that conquered the tallest mountain on earth. Right?

But, my dear, you just welcomed new problems — you just got a new work; you have to spend, you have to invest time, you have to be there for her and for him and so on.

Don’t ask your Dad, see, your father was a young bachelor at a time. One of his successes was that he found your mum, he recited the magic words and he married your mum.

He forgot that a new problem was on the way — the cost of sustaining the marriage. Again, don’t ask him. He’ll tell you an epistle on this. Ah ah ah..

One success of people seeking admission to the university is that they finally get in.

After that, new problems — attend lectures, wake up super early to secure a good seat at the front (for people that went to my kind of school where a 1000-seater lecture hall must take 5000 students).

When you finally succeed in getting a job, new problems are on the way — you must meet up deadlines and bring in more sales or development for your organization.

You started a business, you finally registered it with the government and you secured your first funding, and you feel it’s done and dusted? He he he, you must be joking — new problems are smiling at your arrival.

What do all these mean for you?

Because of this nature of how life is, if you understand it, you’ll know how to get more (money, honour, blessing etc) out of every problem you solve.

Here are some examples:

If you sell food, you’re solving the problem of hunger. Do you realize that thirst is the next or previous problem to hunger? Then, the next to that may be selling to them the service of their nutrition, then the health of their body etc.

If you sell clothes, you’re solving the problem of ‘nakedness’. Then, another problem for your customer is how to make the clothes match to their body size, next is how to know the colours that match, next is how to know the clothes to wear to a ceremony and so on.

If you’re a writer like me, one of your services may be to teach people how to write. After you do that, your customer will want to know how to find their audience, then how to set up a platform, then how to monetize the gift.

This simple understanding helps me to make decent money out of the next big problems my customers will have.

The good thing about this idea I am sharing with you is that you won’t have to create the next big problem for customers, but nature and life has a way of making sure that we are never satisfied because we all want more or less of something.

Now, over to you…

What services do you offer, what are the next problems your customers will have after the first one you solve?

Now,  write it in the comment box below and let’s make 3X more money.